Because of redecoration, they were told


To the attention of students preparing for master’s degree!
NR Academy organizes a trial exam for students preparing for master’s degree (Russian and Azerbaijani) on February 23, 2014
Note: Attending the exam for students of our course
Address: Rasul Rza Contact phones:
012 -493-49-70 | 070-493-49-70

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wholesale replica designer handbags Dear Colleagues, Welcome to the Auto Cad Trainings, a joint project of the Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction Student Youth Organization (EGMU TGT) and the Student Trade Union Committee of Azerbaijan Architecture and Construction University (AZMUU THIC)
Training starts on April 22 and 2 shifts 1-4 days from 11:00 to 12:00 and 2-4 days from 14:00 to 15:00. For registration: Coordinator of project Umudov Rashad: 055 911 66 81 < br> Email: azmiutgt @ Certification to students who successfully completed the Loyalty Registration deadline April 21, Good luck!
AzMUU TGT – Student Life with us! wholesale replica designer handbags

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