Our Policy

We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and availability of all physical and electronic information assets of the company and its clients to ensure that regulatory, operational and contractual requirements are fulfilled.

We are committed for the preparation, development and maintenance of the appropriate policies, procedures and guidelines to affect a high standard of information security, reflecting industry best practice.We monitor record and log all appropriate activity within its IT network, and the use of its information technology resources.

We are committed to compliance with both regulatory and customer requirements. We ensure this through a framework of risk management and continuous improvement compliant with ISO certifications. Objectives are agreed and reviewed regularly and are monitored through KPIs.

IP-TEL Technologies attaches particular importance to the security of its own, its employees’ and its customers’ data. It is therefore vital that existing and potential new suppliers to ip-tel technologies have appropriate security controls and measures to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and trust with appropriate availability of such data is not compromised and these controls are in maintained in accordance with ip-tel technologies security policies.

The reference standard for ip-tel technologies security policies is ISO standards and the suppliers shall comply with the principles of that standard at all times.

At a minimum; Suppliers agree to:

  • Ensure that their employees are aware of the nature of the supplier relationship with ip-tel technologies and ensure that they are in compliance with the information security requirements at all times
  • Maintain the confidentiality of any information shared with the supplier by ip-tel technologies.
  • Not to distribute any information to a third party without prior expressed permission from a senior member of management in ip-tel technologies.
  • Allow ip-tel technologies, when deemed necessary, to audit their facilities, systems and processes specific to services provided to ip-tel technologies