Unified Communications (UC)

UC refers to the integration of multiple communication devices and media types that you use every day. It allows you to connect with your colleagues and customers in real-time using any device, anywhere, any time. Unified communications brings together real-time communication tools like instant messaging and presence, video, voice, data sharing, web conferencing and calendar sharing with non-real time tools like voicemail, email, SMS and fax.

Using presence features, users can define their availability and chosen communication method (e.g. IM, phone, email) and state whether they are on call, in a meeting, or unavailable.

UC enables you to pull together a team using voice or video to share documents, video, applications and even your desktop with other people – facilitating quick decision making, faster resolution of issues and eliminating human latency.

Communication delays can be avoided by using tools that keep you connected in and out of the office. The integration of multiple devices and media types results in instant access from your desktop, laptop, mobile or online, with one consistent user interface.

IP-Tel Technologies designs bespoke solutions using the most advanced unified communications tools in voice, video, data, recording, and customer interaction.