Customer Engagement

Contact Centers in bound &out bound, Self Service IVR, Multichannel Contact Centers

New forms of communication and the world’s adoption of social media have brought new challenges for contact Centre management.  Our technology offers

  • Intelligent service driven contact routing
  • In-depth real-time and historical reporting
  • Modular base to grow system features and complexity as required

Inbound refers to the form of contact received into the contact centre – voice call, email, web chat, tweet etc. The challenge is to route the inbound contact to the right agent, with the right skills at the right time.

Using the latest ACD technology (Automated Call Distribution), IP-Tel Technologies engineers design inbound routing systems that mean your customer queries are dealt with appropriately and on time.

We are working with developers of advanced speech and natural language recognition technology. This is the future for contact Centre development as we move towards more context driven systems.

Outbound refers to your response to the customer – voice call, email, web chat tweet etc. It must be relevant, specific and timely. At IP-Tel Technologies, we adopt a CEBP (Communication Enabled Business Process) to enhance the efficiency of your contact Centre. We incorporate relevant unified communication tools to ensure faster resolution of issues and reduce the risk of human latency.

Workforce optimization (WFO) uses one-source software to manage, analyze and optimize data captured from actual customer interactions in your contact Centre.

Typically, contact Centre’s use a variety of software to manage customer service functions such as scheduling agents or performance monitoring. This approach is often deployed in separate areas and does not provide an overall picture of operations…

To develop a successful self-service platform, you must understand the purpose of the calls your contact Centre receives. You must understand which can be automated and which cannot. Voice self-service or call steering using speech recognition is a cost effective way of completing customer interactions. It routes your customers to the right agent with the right skills.

Speech and natural language recognition technology is the future for contact Centre development as we move towards more context driven systems. Our technical team has the skills in business process analysis and systems integration to make your self-service project a success.

Abandoned calls are a common concern for contact Centre managers. IP-Tel Technologies is helping businesses and consumers come together with one single solution, Conversation Bridge. It is a multichannel callback platform that bridges the gap between any self-service channel and the people who can help your customers.

You no longer need to keep customers on hold. The technology allows the customer to hang up and receive a call back when it is their turn. The solution is simple with huge impact as it eliminates the dead ends often encountered in self-service experiences. Virtual queuing that keeps your customers’ data intact is a powerful tool for your contact Centre.

Different levels of management within your company require different reports from your contact Centre.

We provide two types of reporting:

  • Real-time reporting allows you to manage service levels and make short term tactical business decisions
  • Historical reporting allows you to track trends over time and review performance over specific periods. It enables you to make decisions regarding longer-term future requirements for your business

Our solutions mean that you can generate reporting on customer interaction, regardless of media channels or contact direction – inbound or outbound.