Recording in contact canters is generally focused on quality management. Compliance recording typically applies to regulated businesses in the finance and insurance sectors. IP-Tel Technologies provides selective recording for both quality and compliance purposes.

Our solutions are designed for contact Centre’s of all sizes, whether they use traditional time-division multiplex (TDM) or Internet protocol (IP) recording—or both.

IP-Tel Technologies can offer you full-time and compliance recording for IP, TDM, mobile and contact Centre’s that:

  • Provides a reliable and scalable solution
  • Supports TDM, IP, mixed telephony environments, and mobile phone recording
  • Captures, indexes, and quickly retrieves voice interactions and screen data—a key advantage for timely sales verification and dispute resolution
  • Supports thousands of channels and multiple sites centrally, with a single point of administration and open standards storage
  • Offers optional encryption functionality to facilitate compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS)
  • Monitoring, measuring, and managing service quality and agent performance are priorities for all contact Centre’s. To gain competitive advantage, the trend is moving beyond traditional quality management and monitoring, to maximizing the potential of intelligence from customer interactions.
  • Through sophisticated tracking and analysis you can make better decisions on products, services and processes. Our customer monitoring tools allow you to base these decisions on the real needs and concerns of your customers.
  • The IP-Tel Technologies Quality Management Solution:
  • Enables organizations to monitor, record, and evaluate the quality of customer interactions in the contact Centre
  • Offers visibility into agent performance, enabling contact Centre’s to better manage processes, costs, and customer satisfaction
  • Provides a range of solutions, from traditional quality monitoring to a comprehensive solution incorporating customer interaction analytics (speech analytics, text analytics, data analytics, and customer surveys), eLearning, coaching, and enterprise reporting
  • Enables customer interaction recordings to be turned into eLearning content for driving best practices in and beyond the contact Centre
  • Quality Monitoring allows you to increase revenue, enhance customer satisfaction, and manage performance, processes and costs.

Government and industry regulations—including the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)—have prompted contact Centre’s from regulated industries to record and archive customer interactions. But full-time recording is only one part of the compliance recording challenge. Maintaining, storing, and retrieving recordings for sales verification, dispute resolution, and business intelligence are equally important.

IP-Tel Technologies provides these companies with the tools to allow them capture store and efficiently retrieve calls to ensure compliance and aid in dispute resolution. Our technology also allows you to pause and resume recording to avoid capturing irrelevant data and ensure recorded data is encrypted and stored securely.