On this occasion, MoMo will reduce the price of the park

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(Some information was collected earlier, they were published in the form of a few pages and small pamphlet. The bottom of the page’s album is shared, here many information is collected.).

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Replica Designer Handbags Ask it. Where is Yukam from? This is how I dress. Is there a dress code? Yesterday I taught how to find old posts. [New Event – Historical Park – 70% off] New House – Former Park has officially launched.
On this occasion, MoMo will reduce the price of the park in the limited time. 70%: – 1 random: 150 diamonds – 70% reduction to 45 diamonds – 10 times random: from 1500 diamonds – 70% reduction to 450 diamonds – special when random 10 I will get a gold heart set of 5 100%
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the main winner was selected to receive 100 baht (True card) The winner will be 50 Baht (True)

The winner will be 50 Baht (True)
We love the three of us, the dark one from the single picture below the post! Start!
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